Dance the Fire

Into the night we dance at the Roundhouse building the energy for fires to come

the drummers are reaching into thier groove beating a seductive rythm that sets the night on fire

my hips swivel to the beat as I dance another O

sparks fly from the chimney and castcade all around us a bright burning shower of light

someone flicks hot ash from my hair

Cool breeze blowing from the West brings the fresh scent of rain

the drummers kick it up a notch

thunder rumbles, talking back

all the world dances with us

waterboys offer up the elixir of life to the dancers

who swirl by in a river of glitter, and leather, and indian skirts and flesh

All rights to images and text on this page are reserved to   © Berta A. Daniels. Photographs, illustrations and text appearing on this site are protected under U.S. and international copyright law and are the exclusive property of Berta A. Daniels. They may not be downloaded, reproduced, stored, altered, copied or used in any way without the written permission of Berta A. Daniels.

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