About This Work

For most of my life, I have been integrating my passion for art with a spiritual journey of healing and transformation. To know who you are is a powerful thing. To stand up proudly and take your place in the world is intensely personal, yet powerfully political.  The Talmud says, “to save one life is to save the whole world”. The courage to “come out” as a cultural minority – no matter what your sexual or gender orientation, religion, or cultural heritage – to expose your inner truth, opens the door to a personal freedom and strength that shines like a beacon. The revolution of empowerment begins with the knowledge that each life has value. To openly live as who we are, with joy and love, and integrity, sets an example that shifts the balance of power away from ignorance and hate.

In exploring our relationship with the elemental forces, earth and water, air and fire, body and spirit, my subjects and I journey together, connecting with the primal spirit of the land, and create images that reveal the essential being of each model. Together we examine the spaces in-between, how and where we choose to present ourselves expose facets of our hidden core. We create a space where the beauty and power of the Immanent Divine may express itself freely. By contacting the transformative power of the Living Earth, we catalyze that energy within ourselves. For it is in that space, if the conditions are right, that we can drop our masks and remember who we really are, if only for a moment. My work is about beauty and inner beauty and taking our places in the world.


Berta A. Daniels is a photographer and visionary artist in New England. When she is not busy taking pictures, or at a potters wheel creating Goddess Pots, drums and functional ware, she can often be found walking her dogs, working on her garden or brewing mead. Into the center chronicles some of her thoughts, her art, and her rambling journey through life.

Berta works as a lifestyle and portrait photographer for publications, corporate and private clients. Go to her flikr page to view some of her photography shot on assignment. She can be reached at bertaadaniels@hushmail.com

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